Simply Love: A world wise project

Simply Love Project

Inside of every one of us is a light and it connects with the light in everyone else until tangibly we know there is no such thing as being alone. I see any art exploration as a scientific experiment – this project aims to find out whether there are others out there who feel the same – that we are all essentially One.

The Simply Love Project is a platform that every person in every country can be a part of – All Are Invited.

If you feel strongly about expressing human connections through film and video, this project could be for you.

  1. Form a team in your country (videographer, photographer, sound recording )
  2. Find people who want to express in front of the camera
  3. Get in contact with us and we will work with you to produce a video
  4. Make a teaser and use it to crowd fund the full length video
  5. Co-create a video with the Simply Love Project team
  6. We share this living connection on the internet in a growing library of Simply Love Projects across the world.

This project is not about end results, it is about connections. The relationships that we make through the process of filming are at the heart of the real work of the Simply Love Project. The end product is a beautiful bonus that means that many more people can connect to what we have experienced during the making of the film.