I nominate

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Today I have chosen to nominate something.

I have decided not to perpetuate, (and many times I have done so in the past) and further allow any expression of myself which does not express the fullness of who I am, in the awareness that I have.

I am not perfect, therefore there will of course be times when I do not express myself in full.  Yet with the awareness to catch myself when fullness (to which I know how) is not lived, to nominate, and to express once again, the fullness that I know, is what I choose to live.

Expression of oneself in fullness, is never about me, neither is it about a product, or words, personal agenda and so on. It is simply, yet importantly, a healing for you, me and everyone else.

Honestly, who am I to hold back the love that the whole world has the potential to live, by first holding back my own?

Photography: Phoebe Wong / Styling: Toby Lam / Hair and Makeup: Agnes Siu / Clothes: Lastbutnotleast / Sold at: Xiaoshiguang / Head piece: Bess Leeder Millinery / Accessories: Xiaoshiguang / Flowers: Whim & Christy Fong

One thought on “I nominate

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