Love is a sphere

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Love always feel like a big sphere to me.

Imagine a very gentle and bouncy sphere, one that can only touch anyone or anything in a gentle, non-imposing way, never with sharp angles or force.  Love can only also touch anything that it encounters in exactly the same way–always gently and lovingly, sometimes nudging us play-fully in all its spherical roundedness.

Love never feels jagged or sharp, it certainly does not feel linear.  Therefore, whenever love is described to me as an end result or a completion, it never feels true.  Instead, love is an unfolding of each and every moment.  Love has no destination, it truly has no end–not in the way this is usually expressed in hope or a wish to believe, but simply, a sphere just has no beginning or end.

In the present world, love is definitely not thought of as spherical. Love is usually meant to be sweetly nudging in the above mentioned way, but only to some, and definitely, not always.  A sphere can only be a sphere and always a sphere.  But what love feels like in the present temporal world, is a shape that is sometimes spherical yet at many other times angular, sharp and linear–indeed, an awkward state.

When love is accepted and expressed in this awkward shape, we feel comfortable.  In the name of comfort, (and awkwardness too, of course), we keep each other at bay.  Yet, when love is expressed spherically, which it is in-truth, it does not get comfortable anymore.  Because we would have to then look at and be honest to all the times we have not truly loved.

We all know how beautiful love can feel.  But are we ready to truly love?

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