What? You brought lunch?!

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There is a misconception that working in the fashion industry equates to being cool, and the definition of that range from wearing black both physically and emotionally to feeling superior in dress and status.

Although not a newbie in the fashion industry, I have for a long time allowed myself to buy into what the fashion industry has collectively defined for me, what being cool meant.  Not that I have ever particularly felt the need to be cool, but being accepted was definitely what I would go for rather than not.  And in the past by wanting to be a part of the fashion consciousness that I am involved with, what I have actually lived was not cool at all.  For example, I would not speak out about something when it definitely felt uncool to me or uncomfortable to my body–such as working insanely long hours and eating foods which simply do not nourish the body, in the name of being cool and accepted in this industry. When my body did not allow me to kid myself anymore, initially, my reaction was to react against all of this, by being apparently and loudly, opposite to what I thought was being cool. Such as, I would never wear black and would never buy brand names, and I even deliberately not take care of my physical body to want to prove how absurd it is to focus entirely on the physical.  You get the picture. Yet, my fighting against what the fashion industry represents, only confined me in the same separation and lovelessness that I know is not true for my body.

So, I began making changes, from the foundation up.  They were simple changes, such as bringing my own lunches to work, simply because it feels true to my body.

Yesterday we travelled to a remote location in nature for a photo shoot, I packed a lunch box of baked fish with cajun spices, roasted veggies with a dill and basil pesto and a red pear.  A colleague asked if we needed to stop for lunch, no one wanted to eat and I simply said, “I brought my lunch.”  Another colleague laughed, “You brought your lunch?”  Again, very simply, I said, “Yes.”

So in the simplicity and harmony within myself, of choosing what I feel is true, I began eating my lunch in the simplicity and harmony of nature.  It was definitely not a problem for me, if others choose not to eat lunch or would rather smoke cigarettes than eating food, and without any tinge of judgement felt, some smoked, some enjoyed only water, and I had my little leisure picnic in the open before working, what beauty that was.

Simply honoring the choices of my body, as well as the choices of others, in my opinion, feels so much cooler than any definition of cool I was ever taught.

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