Walking with me in high heels

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Like most women, I love shoes, and especially adore high heels.  In the past, high heels though, were only objects that I collected and admired in the museum of my front door space.  Although I adore the beauty of proportion that most high heels so naturally express for a woman, for many years I had felt a dis-connect between wearing heels and feeling natural.

A few days ago, I had to work in the countryside, yet feeling my heart, I had wished to put on a pair of heels. Before my head could step in and justify with all the reasons that this was crazy and impractical, I simply pulled out a very delicate embroidered skirt and a pair of high-heeled ankle boots and slipped them on. And how delicate that simply felt.

Walking in my heels, instead of wanting to go at the same pace I usually am so accustomed to in the busyness of the city rhythm, I simply had to slow down.  When I slowed down, I realised walking in heels without connecting to myself, a woman, there was indeed a heaviness that accompanies my steps.  As I was feeling really love-ly and delicate that day, I was amazed that when I walked I have failed to connect to this love-liness! Because my focus has escaped to worrying about not tripping over or walking too slowly in the concrete pavements and amongst the darting crowds around.

But the love-liness within was just simply too hard to not be expressed, and when I listened to my present favorite new dance album from Glorious Music while I walked, I simply began to give walking with me, not just simply walking with me, but walking with me in high heels, a confident go.  The first thing that happened has nothing to do with my shoes or my feet.  A big smile grew on my face, and as I connected more with the joy that I am, my steps bore lightness, play-fullness and my walk felt completely transformed.  The steps no longer felt difficult or heavy, I could feel my feet inside the heels, enjoying expressing their light-full gait.  If my feet had a face, they were definitely smiling.

And then I realised, simply by connecting to the amazingness that I am, as a human being and a woman, and honoring how this amazingness wishes to express, including something as simple as how I walk or dress, can be a choice to imprint love or not.  And from now on, whenever I walk in high heels, I am not only walking in a pair of beautiful shoes, I am walking with the beauty-full me.

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