Let’s get real

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We may be surprised…even though as a race we enjoy immensely about talking and being attached to the emotions of desire, need and romantic love, we actually do not really enjoy hearing about love, true love, that is.

No one likes to be told what love is, and the truth is, love cannot really be described.  I know for a fact, that when I am being told personally and directly what in love I have been doing wrong (for if I have not been doing it wrong, how come love that is outside of myself seems perpetually evasive–isn’t love eternal? Or could it be looking for love outside of oneself is the issue all along?), it always feels awful, could it also be that love is simply never judgmental and imposing?  Yet, imposing about another, has also been very conveniently called love, similarly to desire and attachment, we have many generalisations about love.

So let’s get real, and true here from the very beginning.

There is no critique or judgement here about all the varied definitions of love in the world, yet simply and in responsibility to my own expression, we are opening another possibility of love.

One that cannot really be spoken about or taught or lectured, but simply it is the energy that propels a human being in his every day, by anyone who chooses to live it.

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