Let love be the foundation

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Have your children ever told you that school is cruel?

This has been the mantra of my child, for months.  Until he was ready to express and share what that meant to him, he told me that some harsh reprimanding has been happening at school because he has forgotten to bring some homework.  This is something that he as a student, of course, has to be responsible for, however, what my child has been trying to express for a while now, is why does school or learning not feel loving?

If people (children as well as educators) is the focus, would learning and education feel different?

If everything that a child is taught is based on love and only about love, in a manner that is true love, how truly would our education system feel?

If parents understand that they are the primary educators to their children, would they put so much pressure on schools to “make” their children successful, as well as on themselves and the children, to strive for only grades and achievements?  And what truly is success?

This is no critique or judgement to parents, the education system or educators or the education of Hong Kong or any other country here.  It is simply an observation and a day-to-day living that a mother experiences with her ten year old child.  It is when a mother truly feels and hears what her child is asking about, that she in turn asks herself and the world.

And the truth is, if love is not the foundation of learning at the moment, it is the responsibility of the whole of humanity that it has come to this, and it will also be our united rather than separative effort as humanity, that will change it.

*Photo captured in a moment when a child is going to school, yet he met me, a stranger, as himself, , with so much love and openness.

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