United, we are


In the fashion and creative industry, it is all about teamwork.

Fashion houses, publication houses, creative agencies, design and editorial teams etc., it is all about people.  Rarely is fashion ever a one person statement.  Even artists such as writers, painters, bloggers who can work privately, what they are sharing, is a spherical expression and response between oneself and the world, in essence, isn’t art inherently about sharing?

What we feel and see in the temporal art scene today though, is far from unified. Art can look graceful or beautiful on the outside, but within the process of making art, fierceness and competition rule.

We all know there is an intrinsic divinity within.  And for artists, ultimately, there is nothing we wish to express but this divinity, which is in-truth simply who we are.  Divinity is what we all know, yet deeply encased we are in an artistic system where mistrust, individualism and competition rule presently.  Honestly, if we allow ourselves to feel, how immense this conflict really is.  And every one of us who chooses this conflict, will also be expressing the same in our work as well as in life.

As artists, we all have a certain “stubbornness” in how beauty is to be expressed.  And somehow because we hold onto so tightly our way of expression, that we simply have lost sight that art in true expression, is never about the individual.  We think we are “creating” when divinity can only be expressed in a one unified voice, and always in tandem with the love that we are.

And yet, we think we can “create” individually, and we fight fiercely and work ruthlessly to accomplish that.  We have forgotten and missed the point that without unity, there is no true “art”.  Imagine one person holding onto a vision so strongly, that everyone and everything else in the team becomes less important, yet everybody else who is considered “lesser” is assisting to bring about this vision.  Parts which are not honoured equally are always a part in completing the whole, honestly, how would the outcome of such a system, ever produce something that is complete?

And how can this industry be expressing divinity (or true beauty or whatever term you would like to use), if within a team itself, we are far from united.  We separate ourselves into who is more important by what we call ourselves or how long we have been in this industry, and in short, what we have done, not who we simply are.

If separation and competition is what this industry, as well as humanity as a whole choose, so be it.  Yet, we all know how different it feels when we approach work first honoring all people equally, as well as when we don’t.  We all know how unity feels like–joy-full, loving, honoring and harmonious, as well as separation–leaving us empty, in disharmony with ourselves and others, drained, our health suffers, and we need to constantly seek for other forms of recognition, distraction and medication.  And the inequality within this  industry, unfortunately, is not something that we can just forget about if we ignore it or simply justify it as being what has always been accepted.  The inequality of how this industry operates, is affecting every single person (including those who are being presently rewarded in a more superior way under the current system, but is that true success?). 

Only in unity, will divinity be truly expressed.  And the power we as a whole can truly express, is awaiting for us to do so, as people.  Unity, is not something that magically appears, but it is very naturally a way we will one day all return to, when each and every one of us begin to live it.

*Models: Aaron and Valeriya

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