People, you are the reason that a campaign will inspire


What if, in the advertising and creative industry, it is not about seeking perfection in details or presentation?  But it is about people.

What if, it is not about status or recognition of what we in the creative industry do, or how much we have done?   But it is simply about people, the people we team up with, as well as the people we invite to work with us.

What if, a campaign is not about selling with a famous face, but it is about everything that is within that person?  That it is the innermost of a person, and not the name or just the physicality of someone, that we find inspiring.

What if, we know without a doubt that people, is the reason that any campaign will inspire.

Will we then continue to condone working under insane hours? Or look at fierce competition within a team as well as between different companies as normal?  Will we still accept obviously harming situations to the body, such as consuming copious amounts of caffeinated drinks or sugary foods to get us through the long hours of work, or just tough it out when locked in a set filled with cigarette smoke that is obviously uncomfortable to our lungs whether we smoke ourselves or not?  Will we in the name of “creativity” have no respect for the crew because they do not matter, but only the final product does?  Will we treat clients and crew in a way that separates? Or will we find gossiping and bad mouthing about the industry that we work in, a necessary medication for us to keep going?  There is no critique expressed here, but simply an honest observation of what goes on in the industry that we work in.

If people is the reason that a campaign is truly successful, don’t we have to be very honest to ourselves, how we have so far, been not very loving either to ourselves or to others, and indeed, also to our industry, in the way we have accepted how we work.

As human beings, we all have the ability to feel.  And no matter how a campaign looks, it is also how it feels in every moment of its production to every one of us, that makes it truly successful.  Ultimately, isn’t this true for any industry?

Photography: Dan Ho (Secret Nine Productions) / Boots by Tom Ford

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