The Simply Love Project


Simply Love.

This phrase felt so simple and it made total sense to every single cell in my body, it was a phrase heard over and over again within the heart, yet to my great surprise, it has also eluded me for many years what it truly means.

Nothing can convince this mind unless it is first experimented, explored and experienced.  And therefore, an exploration began in 2012– and like any other art project, what it meant to “simply love” had to be lived for a true understanding.  When something feels true to the body, that is truth irrefutable.

Therefore, an exploration of simply loving in awareness began in 2012.  The first homework that came out of this exploration was a book titled “Simply Love”, an attempt in photography and words to document and capture what love has felt.  There was indeed an overall harmony and underlying glory that wanted to be expressed, yet as poignantly, there was also a myriad of questions brought forth in the huge gap of what love is when felt, and how love is lived, generally in the world.

Through this book, the author felt in clarity that the love that is known and pervades all, and the love that we speak about and practice in life, cannot be more different.  How then do we live the love that we intrinsically know?

All the times when the author felt love was to be given more to one party, or love can be shared more visibly  to one over another, or love that can be expressed mightily for one yet hurtful to someone else, these instances cannot be true love, can it?  For true love feels equal to all.  And most importantly, knowing what love truly is, is one thing, but how far away are we living what we know, in every moment and encounter with everyone we meet, whether it be a loved one or a stranger or even someone we feel uncomfortable being with?

Since the making of <<Simply Love>> the book, this project has been on-going for another two years, and the homework for the author was livingness.  The author, of course, is not perfect, and perfection is not what is being sought, this two-year homework (which is in-truth ongoing perpetually), was simply a gentle yet consistent coming back to oneself and to love, every single time a detour occurred.

Therefore, this project has been lived every single day in creative work, in friendships, in parenting, in all relating actually, since 2012.  It may look like a personal project of one person, yet this project is far from being about the author.  The Simply Love Project is a constant reflection between the author and the world–every single person encountered physically or not, in every part of the world.

Welcome to the Simply Love Project, a project about people–you, me and everyone.

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