Be Love. Be You.

This is the first collaborative film project I have done.

It has been calling me for a while to do it.  I have never worked with the genre film or with any director before, but that didn’t matter.  I only knew this was to be the format of expression this time.  I did not know how we could get to film amazing people, all voluntary to support this non-profit project, but that did not matter either.  Most importantly, I did not know if everyone we casted would be willing to open up themselves in trust to myself and our film director Tim, to share their stunning amazingness with us, something that I saw in every one of them, but that did not prove to matter in the end.

All that mattered was if I lived every moment (with the most awareness possible) in being me.  Whether I am making every choice in life (definitely not just related to this film project, but every choice in every moment) with love.  It was whether I expressed myself every moment in honesty and truth.  It was whether I lived in harmony and joy with myself, and therefore also with others.  The one-unified truth of brotherhood that I know to be so inspiring of humanity, was beautifully reflected back to me in this film, when it was connection that I choose to live with myself and equally with every one else in life.  And ultimately, it is if I can humbly come back to myself and choose love again when I have not.

The power of true love is realised by living it.

This film is my/our testimony.

With love,


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