Too much Truth?


Son: “Mom, what you say is too much truth. Can’t you just leave out the bad part of truth?”

Mom: “Truth is Truth, there is no good or bad part, just Truth.”

Son: (Feeling and pondering…)

Mom: “If Truth feels bad, the part that you judge it as bad, is simply a part that you do not want to feel deeper into yet.  And the Truth is, everyone can feel Truth, including you, son.”

Truth IS exposing sometimes.  But it is so only because we have allowed ourselves to not feel where we are at, we have allowed ourselves and the world to not take responsibility of being who we truly are.  In effect, we have been the culprit of what we do not wish to see the world to be–the injustices, pain, cruelty, suffering, dis-eases and more.  Truth is hard to feel sometimes, not because Truth is bad, but simply because we know we are so much more.  We know this world can be so much more.  We inherently know that true love and one-unified connection and brotherhood are natural.  It is indeed difficult to feel, in-truth, how far away we have diverted from what we know is to be true.

Everyone can feel and every one of us do.  What is not true is what has been made to be true for many aeons, to keep us from knowing who we truly are.  Has that truly served us as one mankind?  The answer is in the escalating physical and mental health issues, the continued conflicts and wars, the daily growing gap of between wealth and poverty, the unending missions to save the planet without true success, the barbarity of the so-called most advanced human beings with each other when our nationality, religion or identity are felt to be challenged.

Let Truth and nothing but one-united Truth be lived and then expressed, let our younger generations be nurtured in Truth, for as one-world, we all deserve to know who we truly are.

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