Celebrating Women

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What if as women we truly lived our worth?

Then we would be committed to our responsibility as women.  How we hold ourselves as women, directly affects how every man in this world is.  We would know the regard we have for ourselves as a gender, sets the energy of how we are to be treated by the opposite gender.  We would know there is nothing we can blame our men on.  We know intimacy is natural, nothing sexual, but a naturalness of being close to others.

Every moment of our every day will be a celebration of being who we are, the warm nurturing that we so naturally express.  We live inspired by the beauty of our natural selves.  The strength behind our genuine smiles is a trueness that we have returned to, a commitment of letting go of what is not ourselves, so we can express in our glory.

Expressing ourselves as who we are, love is made in our every breath, our every move, our every word, our every smile and connection with the world.  Every step we imprint, every time we look into another’s eyes, love is made.  Love is made just because we are here, and we are our true selves.

Every woman in this world is a wonder and an amazingness.  We know the power that we are, the clarity that we hold, and by living our power and clarity; our beauty and sexiness; our warmth and love, we are living a reflection for true relationships to occur. We are committed to the everlasting depth of true love.

May we live the glorious celebration that we are.

With love, Adele

Photos: Sam Fung (Top: Janny/Below: Deirdre)



Photos: Sam Fung

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