Naturally, human beings are born intimate.  Intimacy is an innate tendency to be close to one another, which has no agendas or intentions other than it is simply natural to be.  It does  not come laced with sexual or needy overtones, but simply when allowed fully, it is a true expression of the heart–with no holding back.

Could it be that we know connection from the heart, that this connection is with every being in the same quality and equality?  There is no jealousy or comparison in this place, what the heart knows is that the separation created by the mind, cannot be true within the heart.

Naturally we wish to be intimate, the natural gravitation towards another is a recognition of the same essence that is within every one of us, whether this essence is being chosen in expression or how much in expression–does not change the fact that we are all of and from this essence.

The world today is far from intimate.  How we have chosen to live is far from what is natural.  The beauty though is simply to be honest that we have chosen non-intimacy, and that it does not feel true.


4 thoughts on “Intimacy

  1. I have noticed that the more I want and need intimacy, the more isolated from others I am, as that feeling of need pushes them away, and I am left frustrated. The more I bring intimacy with myself and stop looking outside for it, I am naturally closer to others, and they enjoy being around me, just being me. The pressure lifts and it’s just easy : )

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