Always with me–how to dress in honoring of myself


Every moment we are ourselves, love is made.

Every morning is a brand new opportunity to be in a deeper love with ourselves, a precious date with us. Selecting (always in the morning and never the night before) what we would wear in celebration of ourselves by feeling every bit of preciousness that we are and expressing it in every detail, is beautifully empowering.

What colors am I feeling? Silhouettes? Fabrics? Simplicity? Delicateness? Emanating sexiness? Fragrances?

In honoring to the relationship with self, whatever clothes we wish to celebrate the love and forever deepening relationship with us, in the level of detail and fullness–will be an expression that is true.

Being true, is the first honoring of any relationship.

Not holding back in expressing the delicate yet full expression of every moment with ourselves, we will be equally honoring as we dress for a physical date with others, because we do not leave the beautiful relationship we have developed with ourselves.

If every woman dresses for a date, always with herself, boy oh boy, aren’t you going to be lucky, world?

Photo: Sam Fung/ Clothing: yesimfrench/ Shoes: Zara/ Headband: Valentino/ Fragrance: Tom Ford Black Orchid

2 thoughts on “Always with me–how to dress in honoring of myself

  1. I love that you include fragrance as part of your choice in dressing each day…it’s always something I stop and chose depending on how I feel, and not an automatic thing. It helps to support me in connecting to how I feel in the moment, and what fragrance I really feel like, to support me, celebrate me, or just enjoy…

  2. I agree Laura. Fragrances complete how I wish to express in regards to clothing and accessories, and feeling how this precious detail in choice can so express even more in depth with the harmony already felt and expressed, this is truly beautiful, isn’t it?

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