YES to evolving


Nothing seems to have changed but everything is no longer the same.

What has changed is a deepening expression to say yes–to the inevitable return and evolution that everyone and everything is being pulled towards.

My house is still the same–but how everything is organised, sorted, kept or disposed of, is new.

Not dressed up in any special way–but the quality of touch when the clothes slide on, now has a even deeper gentleness and presence.

There was no breakfast in bed, breakfast was not even eaten–as the true trust with the body was allowed to be felt, and sometimes there is no need to eat when we are not hungry. So a beautiful cup of tea was made and enjoyed as the true nourishing response.

No one was there to sweep me off my feet, but the love and intimacy that is forever growing is felt with everyone, including myself, and that holds me in a way indescribable–every moment.

Indescribable, perhaps, sometimes even unnecessary to describe.  But beautifully enough, always impulsed by a guidance to further express, to deepen even more, to open like all over again.




Model: Risa





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