Intimacy in expression

Intimacy cannot be truly expressed if it were not felt in the body what expression of intimacy really means.

If we have not lived or if no one has shown us the possibility of what true intimacy is, we may not know what it is–I can only speak for myself–I certainly thought intimacy especially between men and women, and as a woman myself, even more so with men that I feel drawn to, could not be something we express from the start, as that felt too vulnerable.

The vulnerability felt is from exposing that an expectation or reaction remains when something that is felt is not simply expressed truthfully–which is intimacy.

We erroneously think though we are expressing intimacy, when it is an ideal of intimacy that we have chosen with each other, generally defined as a way more special than the way we are with ourselves. The ideal of intimacy is never true intimacy as it has already taken us away from our natural expression.

Deepening a true intimacy with oneself is very beautiful. Acknowledging our own emptiness in honesty is empowering. Intimacy with oneself is a truly joy-full experience, it allows us to feel the magnificence of our own love in fullness. There is no need there, just love.

That said, intimacy has to be lived.

With ourselves, with all. With our families, with strangers, with the person we fancy, with people we dislike, with teachers, children, people in authority, the Royal and famous even. We may find living intimacy with some more difficult than others.

But ultimately, with a commitment to honor intimacy in expression, we are honoring ourselves. We are not holding back the expression we know to be true, because of needs or expectations; we are not choosing something outside of us to be more special than the simplicity of being ourselves.

Then we are living the naturalness of intimacy–no different from breathing.

This realization came from a personal vulnerability felt and acknowledged, and am choosing to share.

This is my intimacy with you.

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