What is true commitment?


I have always wondered what a true commitment is.

In the past it has felt that a commitment is something that we really want, but at the same time uncertain if we can be consistent with, therefore an agreement is made, to assist us in enforcing this consistency. However, most of the times commitments laid on a foundation as such did not last, which brought me to ponder deeper at all of the above aspects.

When we make a commitment, that which we think we really want–in effect, is that truly true? If something feels natural to us, would we still be wanting or needing it? Or would it not simply and consistently be unfolding from its said naturalness?

Perhaps that which we want involves someone else, and if one party wants something more than the other party, a commitment is something that would enforce that both or all parties want it equally?

A commitment, therefore, feels like it is something that is made with the intention to bring back a harmony/quality that we know is true, but is lacking.

But can true commitment really be about enforcement or imposition?

Personally having lived the above examples, I can say that none of the above has worked for me.

Going deeper into the intention of a commitment, a commitment cannot be true if need is in its foundation. If I need to be this, if I need to have that, if I need this person, if I need this to happen in a certain way–any needs as a foundation will not foster a true commitment.

A true commitment is actually very simple. It happened for me when I began feeling the love in the body, consistently so. Contrary to what I had believed in, a commitment is not a head decision at all. When it was love that the body has felt, this opened up a feeling of deep preciousness, a preciousness that is me (and you). Feeling this preciousness (without perfection and with the support of an ever refining rhythm in life), the choices we then make will reflect a consistency to express and reflect this preciousness, which in turns sustains all our commitments in life through both our thoughts and actions.

Therefore, a true commitment to life, is first and foremost, a commitment to expressing the love that we are.

True commitment is a moment to moment presence in holding the preciousness that we are. Simply by feeling that, the choices and actions that follow unfolds a steady consistency, which gradually expands to all areas of our temporal life. When we divert from feeling our own preciousness, it is a choice to feel and express once again our own love that would re-awaken our commitment to life.

When true commitment is lived, the question then becomes not how do we commit, but how can we not?

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