Appreciation to Life


Life is truly appreciated when we accept that life is what we have called forth.

Every experience that is encountered, happens for no other reason but to ask us to be more of ourselves.

There is no one to blame, but all the responsibility to see the lesson and choose whether to learn from it or not.

Life is then truly empowering–for every “mistake” made, every disregard allowed, every hurt felt, everything that seems to want to knock us off course, we can take back the responsibility, to see the lesson and simply choose again.

Every person that we have encountered, every event that we face, shows us something about ourselves.  And it is with the reflection of people, our imperfect on-going relationships with each other, that gift us with lessons no school other than life can educate.

Appreciating all that life reflects is to appreciate the love that we are, and that there is nothing more we wish to express to the world, but the truth of ourselves.

Commit to life, we commit to love.

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