Forever Deepening Love


Love comes in many faces, sometimes not necessarily in how we expect it to be.

Love is very still, and no matter how I am, it simply holds me and loves me back.

Love is not the emotional pandering or desires that we are told it is and that we have to seek for.

Love is just there, within.

Knowing that Love could make us feel like we have fallen flat on our faces at times, (as I have had quite a few of those in life), what felt different in the meeting with Love recently, was not how Love has come to meet me, but how I have chosen to respond.

So what kept me pondering was, Love does remind us ever so often to be more of ourselves, the first step is to be aware of Love meeting us. Having been met by Love is always a blessing already–it is like Love holding a mirroring in front of us, and saying–“See? That’s you and me.”

What grows our relationship with Love is how we meet Love back.

Do we meet Love back with the same depth that we are met with?  Or do we go into doubting ourselves?  Do we in Love’s expression, see what is in the mirror being held in front of us?  In effect, do we accept the reflection of simply ourselves in the presence of Love?  And if we do, how do we respond?

A deepening relationship with Love is built on our willingness to meet Love back in the same depth and consistency it has come to meet us. Love is forever pulling us higher and if we respond to the pull, our relationship holds.

When Love has met me in deep openness, and I meet it back in honesty, we are forever deepening our relationship with each other.  And it is with forever deepening Love that we will then meet the world.







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