Simplicity is just that–it is simple every moment, continuously.

A lot of things nowadays “appear” simple, especially in the creative industry, it is very common that what appears to be simple can entail a lot of complexity in its production, therefore what is shown to the public as simple, is not simplicity at all.

There is true beauty in simplicity.  We tend to rely a lot less on thinking, analysing and working things out.  We just feel.  In feeling our inner hearts, everything is simple, the answers are there.  Do we use this lighting? How do we place a model in a photo shoot? What does the model have to do?  What wardrobe is suitable and how will the wardrobe be used?  All of the above and more are not things we have to work out, because they come to us, as we honor simplicity and flow with our hearts.

Recently, I went to an interview with a photo agency, and being honest that simplicity is how my work is approached every time…I never got a call back after that initial interview–I am not sharing this example because I feel different or superior, but because simplicity is truly not something easy to accept in this present day, as complexity has been so encouraged in society.  We are led to believe that there is only success when we go through the most complex process in every aspect in life, and that becomes proof that we have toiled and committed and sacrificed for something.

Simplicity does not ask us to sacrifice anything, there is nothing to prove and we would never be asked to compromise the body in any way.  Simplicity is as simplicity does, it always walk its talk.  And with simplicity, the connection with the heart is constant, every part of work in collaboration with simplicity feels amazing, every person who is walking with simplicity can truly express, and together very simply yet truthfully what we express together is simply amazingness.  What simplicity ultimately conveys is something much deeper and more profound that what meets the eye.

As Leonardo da Vinci has put it, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”, simply and truly so.


Photo: Harry

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