What’s trending? (Permanently)

What are trends?

Do a group of people in the creative industry get together and decide what designs and products would generate business and tell everyone these are trends?

Obviously in this way, trends have to be fleeting.

The fashion industry prides itself on the “one day you’re in, the next day you’re out” mentality. But what is cool about fighting to be on top, when one person wins in the expense of everyone else? What if that everyone else includes your daughter or a close loved on? If something is true always and in all circumstances, and for everyone, yes you heard it right, for all–wouldn’t that just be amazingly, no words kind of true cool then?

On that note, this is my list of what’s trending and what will always be trending, for all of us.

Mona Lisa in the house
Spinning Counter clockwise (our natural direction to go around)
Joy that does not compromise
Not holding back
Good old honesty
The big R word–responsibility
True intimacy
True brotherhood
True expression
True love
True sexiness
True equality
Being who we truly are

And many more…(maybe a book is called for to illustrate more)

We have lots to start re-imprinting on what is truly trending! One day trends will simply be what the heart has always known, lived.


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