Today I smile



Today I smile.

Knowing the joy within me is within all, this smile is joy in emanation for all.

Today I smile.

Not to cover up pain that I do not want to feel, but in appreciation that feeling has never left me.

Today I smile.

For I can acknowledge yet another hurt and bid farewell to it, I am getting more real with myself than ever before.

Today I smile.

Because it is not whether this moment is perfect, but because in every moment when I feel joy, I am living the future.

Today I smile.

Because I claim my love deeper than yesterday–no matter what and despite all.

Today I smile.

Intimacy and honesty lived builds the foundation of a true relationship with all.

Today and everyday I smile.






One thought on “Today I smile

  1. Very gorgeous. There is such a difference in a smile that hides something, and a true smile sharing joy. It’s all in the eyes, you can see the pain and emptiness in the eyes when a smile is a cover up, and they sparkle when it’s with love, joy and natural.

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