Saying no to not knowing


Whenever the words “I don’t know” are now uttered, they feel awful in my body.

What is observed is how for a long time, I have not allowed myself to acknowledge and express the knowingness in my body.

This is far from saying that I know everything and that I am perfect. rather I am now saying NO to what is not true. Saying “I don’t know” when the body does know but a part of me choosing to not express this knowingness, is a form of protection I have used for a long time, to keep myself ignorant and small. It is a stubbornness to refuse to accept what my body feels and not live the responsibility of being aware. In saying “I don’t know” frequently is a strongly held belief that if I express in less than my fullness, then I will not be rejected. If I stay in the safe zone of being non-confronting, then I will somehow be safe.

Returning to truth, it has exposed that not accepting myself and refusing to express what the body knows, does not truly keep me protected, it is actually very harmful.

Keeping oneself small is like saying to the divinity of us that we want our own way–a way that harms us.

Being aware of this fact and expressing it so, is all that is necessary.

And a little dance to celebrate would be awesome too.

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