Committing to Presence


Very often when life does not feel right, we want to fix it.  If we are in an uncomfortable situation, we want to get out of it by improving the situation or ourselves.  But what we have attempted to fix throughout our lives, by looking outside of ourselves–has it truly worked?

What if, when an uncomfortable situation arises, before going straight to finding a solution outside of ourselves, we give the moment our full presence?  A presence that is fully accepting, embracing, understanding, appreciating.

What if, instead of only focusing on what is wrong, we continue to commit to every moment in life with this same quality of presence?

What if we know there is nothing to better in life?

And what if, every uncomfortable situation is an opportunity for more awareness through the quality of presence we receive it with?

What if uncomfortable situations arise because life is a constant opportunity for us to deepen our awareness, until we choose to step into a new cycle of more awareness and responsibility? What if time is just repeating itself, and we only truly grow (up) with how much awareness we allow ourselves to have?

Anyone and everyone can choose to commit to presence in our every moment in life, with no exception.  Committing to one moment opens up the next moment–steadily, consistently we walk with life and life with us, instead of life being something outside of us that we have to conquer.

There is no fluff in committing back to presence, we are with ourselves, with life, with every step we take and every choice we make, we are there when we speak and act, and the responsibility is ours.

We have also just empowered ourselves with what is true healing.



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