For all of us

So what does it really mean–for all of us?

When we do not hold back in expressing every awareness felt–no matter how it feels or maybe judged.

When there is always a side by side kind of equality with each other in expression–however this may be received, or resisted.

When there is no destination to reach. Just a day-to-day, moment to moment living, in presence.

When we accept ourselves more and more until being hard on ourselves feels, well, just silly.

When we follow nothing and no one–no matter what it is and who they are–without first feeling the truth within ourselves, therefore every choice is one that is made in clear responsibility, irrefutably so.

When we compare with no one, for there is no one that can be us like us.  And every one of us is equally important.

When we ask for true support and assistance, without the need to be fixed or wish to remain in comfort, but to deepen our awareness and not just say, but live further bye-byes to our pride, because it is ultimately not really about just us.

When before we choose to say, think or do anything, to first feel. And after we have chosen, to allow ourselves more understanding as to why.

When we know we are here for each other and only with doing it together will we truly return to where we came from.

When more is lived, more will be shared.


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