The simple joys of being a woman


Waking up to feel ourselves is the first joy of being a woman.

This joy continues throughout the day in observing how we have honored the feelings of the body.

Sometimes it may just be being honest to how the body feels and whether we have chosen to honor it or not.

Whether we have chosen wisely or not-so-wisely when we are honest with ourselves we deepen the acceptance of ourselves.

Every time we have said yes to our delicateness, preciousness, gorgeousness, love, harmony, stillness and power as a woman, our choices in life change ever so subtly, but consistently and truly.

The momentum of this joy appreciated continues to deepen how we are with ourselves, so much so that life becomes a rhythm built that we won’t miss the chance to be (with) ourselves–just because we are so gorgeous to be with.

We choose the quality to be with ourselves when we are alone, when we are getting out of bed, applying our makeup, doing our hair, selecting what to wear and how to put it on, cooking what to eat, how to eat it, how we leave the house, how we meet every person, how we express, how we go to bed and how we choose to begin the next day again.

Choosing a quality that supports us, rather than what we do or how much we can get done, makes a true difference in our work and daily life. When the need to push or drive ourselves lessen, our bodies enjoy the nurturing that it receives, and the ability to hold joy and express it also increases.

The joy that a woman can have simply by being with herself has no depth.




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