The art of spaciousness


I joke that when one can cook a meal for ten in a typical Hong Kong kitchen in genuine joyful ritual, one is on his/her way in developing the art of spaciousness.

The feeling of lack of space, simply put, is tension.  Spaciousness feels natural.

When I cook, it is an appreciation and celebration, and while in deep presence, cooking is no different from any true artistic expression, it simply wants to flow.  There is a rhythm that can be felt, it wants to express in expansion…and suddenly this rhythm is met by a lack of counter top space.

Space, or the lack of space,  in our populated city is a great reflection.  It reminds us to be in our natural rhythm, how important it is to be aware of cluttering.  It also gives us ample opportunities to clear what does not feel supportive, for there is nowhere to hide the clutter–there is no space!

Spaciousness in the kitchen particularly evokes a commitment in caring and supporting the body, as the kitchen is the place where we prepare and make food to nourish ourselves.

When there is a need for more spaciousness, honor it. As spaciousness lived, will unfold more spaciousness to be expressed.



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