Women are Precious Program



Women are Precious program
Presented by The Simply Love Project
As women we are naturally precious and our self-worth does not come from the outside of us. In our every day and every encounter with everyone, it is an opportunity for us to present ourselves as this preciousness that we know and have lived until this point in time.

Our preciousness is not an act that we have to put up, it does not come from how we look, dress or act in belief that it will appeal to men as beautiful and sexy—it is a consistent reminder to feel ourselves from the inside out, and allow, accept and appreciate what we feel and to express it.

In the “Women are Precious program”, women are allowed the spaciousness to return to that place within, to re-connect and hence express in the truth-fullness that we are.

The “Women are Precious” program is a collaboration between men and women—as we are both equally precious.

It begins with women first honoring our own preciousness and allowing it to come forth, as well as men feeling this preciousness and therefore can only be delicate about this preciousness–which is not limited to women, but to both genders, it is the constant deepening of the true expression between men and women.
The preciousness of us all is not a softness or a weakness—it is a firm strength and gentleness that is within us all.

The “Women are Precious program” is the foundation for the work of http://www.adeleleung.hk . All female models involved will not be objectified sexually or in any way abusive through the camera, as that is not the truth of who we are as women, or men. We are taking a stand to rebuild a foundation of true love and true expression in the creative industry. Together, we can start living and sharing the true beauty, sexiness, preciousness and power that we are in front of, as well as off camera, and not a version of it that has been distorted and accepted to be the norm, whether culturally or socially.

2 thoughts on “Women are Precious Program

  1. Thank you Adele, it’s wonderful to read how women and models associated with http://www.adeleleung.hk are not sexualised or objectified, but held in their preciousness for all to see. This is offering the world a chance to glimpse true beauty, which comes from within, is perfectly natural, and needs no manipulation. We are perfect as we already are.

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