Meeting Carly




The date was August 12, 2015.

Like any other morning, I went for a walk and not two steps out the door yet, my heart skipped a beat and my whole body beamed—there it was, a huge rainbow in front of our house and the skies glowed in a fiery yellow. When this was what you see the first thing in the morning, what kind of day would you expect?

I prepared myself beautifully that morning, I was ready to go and see a practitioner, and was looking forward to our session.

It was a public holiday that day in the part of Australia I was staying. I was warned that the buses may not be running as frequently as usual. I waited for one of the buses for what seemed like forever, and it started to rain heavily. I knew I was not going to make it to my session on time. I left a text message with the friend I was staying with about the situation, and asked if she could leave my practitioner a message. Finally, the bus came and the skies started to clear.

The whole bus journey from the start felt a bit odd—something did not flow, and I asked myself why. As the bus was on its way, I got my answer. My friend got back to me with the message saying, my appointment with the practitioner was actually not today, but tomorrow!

Without any feelings of frustration, I decided to find my way back home. As I got off the bus, I realized I was in China Town. The place felt a bit seedy and heavy, but my whole body smiled. And the skies now opened up, bright with the sun.

I found the bus stop with ease, and there was someone sitting on the bench waiting for the bus, smoking.

“Do these buses go to the city?” I didn’t know if the person was a he or a she, but the reply came openly, “Yes they do.”

So I sat down next to her, as now I know it was a she. She began a conversation about China and money. We exchanged names, and she is Carly.

The smoke coming from her cigarette was distracting me in engaging with her fully, so I told Carly I would love to keep communicating with her, but I have to sit farther away. She seemed to understand but at the same time displayed a tinge of rejection by my honesty. Not long after, lady #2 came by and asked Carly for a cigarette, which she freely offered, I sat and observed their connection. Lady #2 left but came back momentarily, and openly expressed her love and appreciation for Carly. Carly sat there, without showing much emotion, but tears started to flow.

I continued to sit with Carly quietly, and asked if she was okay. She nodded without looking at me.

“You ladies are so beautiful.” I gently gasped.

After a while, she slowly said, “Can you give me $3, I am really hungry and want to eat some sushi. I love tuna.”
“Do you? “I said.
“I don’t have $3 but do you want to go to the sushi place together?” I suggested.
Carly beamed like a kid, “Yes.”
As we walked, she changed her mind and wanted a neon colored sports drink instead.
I said, “I will buy you sushi.”
We got to a food court in a mall, but there was no sushi counter. Carly walked straight into a chinese food counter, and asked for the sports drink.
I repeated, “I am buying you sushi.”
She tried again, “I need the drink because I have diabetes.”
I said, “No, I am not buying a sports drink. I will buy you food and water.”
Eventually, Carly chose a chiko roll, which I learned is a spring roll with beef and veggies. The Asian shop assistant eyed us curiously, a bit in disbelief.

I went back to the bus stop and was pondering where I can find a ladies room when Carly appeared again.

“Do you know where the nearest washroom is? I asked.
“Yes, I can show you.” she said.
We walked around the corner to a casino and Carly went through the doors like a boss and I knew it was safe to follow her. I felt like a queen being escorted in China Town to one of the most immaculate toilets I have seen. When I came out of the casino, Carly was still there, waiting for me.

“Do you want to take a picture with me?” I asked.
“Sure.” said Carly, without any reservation.
“Do you mind if I share it?”
“I don’t mind.” said Carly, beaming her most heart warming smile.
In the heart of China Town, we connected as two women that afternoon, and documented it through our selfie.

On the bus, Carly told me about her people and her tribe—People of the Tall Grasses. How she was adopted by a white family, and how she has lost them, and that has been 45 years ago. I listened and soon it was our stop, we were in the city.

As we got off the bus, Carly said “It is not everyday you will meet an Aborigine like me.”

I said, “Absolutely not. And it is not everyday you will meet someone like me either.”

Carly came to a stop and looked at me. “That’s for sure.” she said.

“And I am going to join a Chinese church.” she added.

“But I don’t go to church.” I said.

“Then how do you have such peace and tranquility?” Carly questioned.

From the moment I met Carly, it has been nothing but a miracle. And with this question, I felt so deeply met—without reservation, with full honesty and openness, by another. This is the way human beings naturally express and communicate.
“I have a religion, and that Religion is Love.” I shared as a matter-of-factly.
Carly looked at me—her eyes momentarily expanded. She repeated “The Religion of Love” and nodded with no doubt, feeling her own solidness.

We stood in silence and the world seemed to have paused.

“Can I ask you a question?” Carly eventually broke the silence.
I looked at her, and jokingly said “Don’t tell me you are going to ask me to buy you something again”
Busted, she chuckled silently.
“Can I ask you for $1 to buy a coke?” She volunteered.
“No, I am not buying a coke.” I was firm.
“But why not?” Carly pleaded.
“Because—I love you too much.” I said in absoluteness.
“Really?” Carly responded, as if her head cannot make sense of it, but she understood deeply.
“I will buy you a water if you are thirsty.” I said
“OK.” Carly agreed smiling.

As we came to a newsstand, Carly asked, “Can you touch my tattoo 3 times?”

“I have something better.” I said.

We stood amongst the merging crowds, while I did a clearing on Carly’s tattoo. She closed her eyes and was deep with herself. When she opened her eyes I asked Carly what her tattoo symbolised.

“This is the roman numeral 5.” The symbol of V.

Almost immediately she started to recite emphatically what sounded like a poem, it was so fast and intense that I didn’t catch the words.

“What does that mean?” I asked again.

“2 plus 2 is in the equation, 1 is outside of the equation.” Carly slowed down.

I understood and held her hand, “You know the Religion of Love Carly, live it and that is your strength.”

She smiled.  Genuine, true and knowing.

There was such a purity and presence in Carly. We know goodbye is near, but all I felt was joy, Carly leaned forward, and gave me the most gentle kiss on the cheek. And we went our separate ways. But our lives have forever been changed.

In living what our hearts know in unity and equality, we return with the world what we know is true.

After note: Meeting Carly has been one of the most amazing and beautiful experiences in my life, because it is so real, so natural, everything happened no different from breathing. And in the depths of my heart, I know this is how humanity naturally is.

3 thoughts on “Meeting Carly

  1. Just goes to show when you hold yourself in love and meet everyone in the equalness that love offers there is nothing to be afraid of … There is only love and that is my religion too! Thanks for such a beautiful heartfelt sharing Adele.

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