The Power of Expression at Work


Do we think that work only counts during business meetings with clients or the actual action of work we deem as important? What if the result of our work is related to how we choose to express during the day?

Yesterday we lined up a full day big photo shoot in a restaurant. It was a morning of heavy rain, and before the shoot, I received numerous phone calls from a courier man who was to deliver a bag for us. He shouted hysterically throughout the phone conversation, expressing his frustration of not knowing how to get to the location he was to deliver the package to.

I could feel his stress and overwhelm.

How would we handle such situations? Hang up and justify that we cannot communicate with the person? Call the company to complain and never to use them again? Convince ourselves that this is just our unlucky day? Panic and shout back at the person because all we care about is getting the clothes in time for our work? Condone the situation and accept the shouting due to sympathy for the person?

Initially I didn’t want to keep answering such phone calls from this courier person and I asked myself why. In getting back to the truth and responsibility of expression, when he called again, I said to him, “You are shouting at me. Please don’t shout at me”. I walked him through the directions to get to us, which he did not want to know and so I simply repeated, and repeated them further. When he finally came to the location, I asked him his name, and expressed how I understood the situation must be for him, especially with the heavy rain and the elusive entrance to the building. By this time, he was communicating to me as if he was a completely different person—calm and communicative.

When we finished the photo shoot, the same courier person called me again to pick up the clothes. Again, he expressed he cannot find the location, was in a panic and started shouting. So I again said “You are shouting.” Immediately, his expression changed and he took responsibility of expressing calmly, he heard the instructions this time, and arrived in no time to pick up the bag.

When we take responsibility in expressing truth in all situations relating to work, as well as in life, this affects everything that happens during work. In our photo shoot later on, when things came up that seemed to be blocking us from getting to simplicity, the quality lived earlier in expression with the courier man allowed a deeper understanding and clarity as of why such a situation in work has now occurred. And with this understanding, we can support our work with added awareness in choosing to expressing from our power and deep understanding of others, which is what working with people is all about.

Never underestimate all our expressions throughout the day—the experience with the courier man supported our actual work, much more than just receiving the items for our shoot on time. Even though the work yesterday was a big and complex execution, we finished with ease and even before the target time!

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