We are all Inspiring

There is this funny thing we hold onto in creative work, which in-truth is the enemy of living Inspiration and it is called competition. If we see someone inspiring, competition immediately makes us feel we have to outdo them (or put them down) or we will feel we are not as good as them. To prove ourselves, we push creative boundaries to the extreme or maybe give up and decide to excel in imitation instead.

Competition comes from looking outside of ourselves, and this accepted normality in the creative industry is being breathed every day, yet have we ever asked ourselves, how truly harmful this is?

Competition, whatever it creates, always comes with the element of wanting to beat another to get ahead. But do we ever truly progress with wanting to destroy another to get what we want? It sounds barbaric to say the least, but have we ever stopped to consider that to truly progress we have to do it together? That even if we think we have won something, that because another has lost, we have not truly progressed?

What if Inspiration is never a trademark, and it does not belong to any one person. It can never be kept secret and is never exclusive to only a few.

What if Inspiration is shared because when open, it simply flows through us to be expressed, as we all know in this industry, how expression is crucial, so much so that “Expression is Everything.” (Serge Benhayon)?

What if Inspiration is our choice to allow and to receive? And it is our natural state and ability?

And what if, when Inspiration is our chosen collective choice to live, we are Inspiring one another to return to simply our naturalness of being amazing, and that we ALL get to equally enjoy that?

Holding onto competition is holding ourselves back in Amazingness.

3 thoughts on “We are all Inspiring

  1. You are truly lnspiring Adele. It just makes sense that we all do so much more when we actually support each other. However, I notice these feelings of competition popping up in my head, especially around other women, they look cooler or sexier than me, they did something more fun at the weekend, sometimes really silly things, and it feels so ugly, I’m saying no to those yuk thoughts!

  2. Adele I feel that competition starts with comparison, first of all we make a comparison, and then we can go into jealousy of what another is being that we are not, and then we decide to compete to be “better”. Better at what?
    What if we are already enough, and focused on getting better at appreciating ourselves and others, our amazingness, as you have written, all enjoying inspiring each other.

  3. This is a very powerful piece of writing to bring to an industry that is bathed in competition.
    It is so needed to pose the question – does competition and winning really mean we get ahead?
    There is much to be said for inspiration, and how in reality inspiring someone is us reflecting who we truly are to another.
    There is much power in this – and in us accepting that we are all equal and not going into wanting to be better.
    This is a brilliant piece of writing Adele and it is absolutely for everyone to read and consider.

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