A date for all

My friend Kelly and I met for an editing Skype date today and worked on a beautiful article that she wrote.

Beyond that of words, what we were editing together is the relationship between us. Allowing ourselves to feel the deepening of love in our conversation relating to the article, the editing presented itself clearly—as truth can be felt, and love naturally moves deeper.

It was not a question of right or wrong, but a choice to hold back our love or not. And as we were on a date, our choice was to allow a deeper unfolding of ourselves through the words, much like flowers that simply blossomed spontaneously, needing no one’s permission to be. There was a celebration of each other’s beauty in awareness and expression, knowing it is equally our own.

In a relationship that deepens, we can only present an article which is as deep as our love with each other, and never less. What words truly share is a lived love with ourselves and with others every step of the way.

Love shared in this beautiful way with even one person, becomes a level of love we then share with the whole world. What has been left behind in the article becomes an invitation to all generations now and future, to be on a date with love.

In the process of returning to a relationship with myself, it is poignant to document the beautiful details of love lived on every date that life presents.

One thought on “A date for all

  1. Absolutely beautiful Adele, this is like a date with all humanity. Sharing and showcasing your love with all you come into contact with and all the readers your writing s reach. How can we not help but feel your joyfulness and tenderness when your sharing it so exquisitely with us. May I say thank you from one who is apart of the all.

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