Celebrating Equality



One of the worst scenarios in fashion is running into someone with the same outfit, right?

Wrong–as I have certainly lived a very different experience yesterday.

Two of the students from the Portfolio Planning class that I teach showed up with the same outfit, which coincided with my outfit too.  We were all in a group conversation when one of the students pointed out this awesome fact, and surprise was exclaimed.

The jacket that the three of us all chose was a navy blue short trench coat, very light and keeps the body warm. I love its versatility, practicality and most of all, that it is stylishly classic without screaming for attention. It’s price is affordable and the color is one of my favourites.

I bought this jacket a few months ago when I re-ignited my relationship with jeans.  For many years, I have stopped wearing jeans for the expression of myself was limited to female elegance.  This has changed recently.  With a greater acceptance of myself and my body, I had felt to express with clothing in more simple ways, and I realised I had a masculine side too. This was not a rejection of my female qualities, as I am born with a female body.  I did not want to change genders, but I had felt a movement within myself which was steady and consistent, something I have not embodied before, and it was asking to be expressed.

The expression of this new embodiment seemed to follow a natural progression and was sprouted forth from the living foundation of being female. And thus, it was not an overtaking of being female, but an expansion–to embody and consolidate the qualities of being both male and female.

When I wore this trench coat yesterday I was feeling all of me and it felt absolutely natural. The clothing was no different from my second skin, in fact, once it was lovingly chosen and worn, I did not feel it at all. There was no need to keep checking myself in the mirror, I felt totally fabulous–maybe it was me and not what I was wearing that I was feeling this way? The confirmation was breathing, living and ongoing.

I wore this jacket with a green blouse and a pair of silk cream pants, Yoyo with a blue top and blue pants and Blair wore it with a white dress. We all had our different expressions of ourselves and of the jacket.  We agreed we all had great taste, I did not feel any less as a teacher or a woman because I bought the same jacket as my students, neither did I feel the three of us were any more stylish than the whole class who dressed in other awesome ways.  It was in fact a celebration that we felt between all of us, and Yoyo asked for the three of us to take a picture together with the jacket on.

What a great idea.  How great it is to be in celebration of each other and not in competition when jealousy and comparison are so common in the fashion world and amongst women in general, how great it is to not hold back our greatness in Celebrating Equality–it feels absolutely natural to!

One thought on “Celebrating Equality

  1. This is so beautiful. I had the same top on as another woman at an event on Friday and I actually appreciated the way we both wore it it differently.

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