What Is Your Price?


The first thing I am constantly asked in jobs are “what is your price?”

In this question, the amazingness and worth of people is being reduced to a price, when we know our deep worth cannot be measured by money.

But money we have to talk about and figures are what we have to communicate with because this is the medium we exchange goods and services with in the world.

In the years of my career, some observations are:

-People are put in the lowest category of importance when it comes to jobs. Cost comes first, names second, work third, people last. When people are put last, we are objects no different from the outcome.

-When our price is comparable to those of professional teams from abroad, what is from the outside often seems more enticing and tantalising, and what is local does not escape the price tag of being less valuable.

-Clients feel justified to hire someone who do not compromise in their prices only when there is some form of personal recognition or gain that would justify the money well spent, it is not about the person but it is about self gain.

-The making or breaking of a deal is mostly due to cost.  The lower the cost, the higher the chances we would be hired. If money is not what we can get, at least we can get recognition, the number of followers and likes–and that can guarantee more jobs.  Sometimes, it is also just because we have to survive.

This is a very exhausting cycle to work in.

So how would anyone choose to work in an environment that does not allow us to be true to ourselves?

I could only say, every day it is an exploration of a deeper surrender to being more true to myself.  It is returning to living deeper responsibility.

-Have I taken the responsibility to truly care and nurture for myself?

-Have I taken the responsibility to commit to life and work in the way I know it to be true?

-Have I taken the responsibility to not hide from the world?

-Have I taken the responsibility to express in every day life the simplicity of the heart?

-Have I taken the responsibility of not live less than who I am, knowing that money and recognition do not define my worth?

-Have I taken the responsibility to communicate with my clients as people first and foremost?

Knowing what is not true, we can only deepen ourselves, to be more aware of where we may have supported or encouraged what is not true to perpetuate.

This may not be work that gets paid–but it is work that has to be done simply because of how we have chosen the world to be. 



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