Are We Honest In Our Communication?


I walked past a trendy neighbourhood cafe and there was a sign that says “A Good Morning Begins with A Cup Of Coffee”.

Most may say this is very casual and common message in our world today.  But what is it really saying?

When we start our day with coffee, we call it “good”. We drink coffee because we either need it or we enjoy it.  The honesty to needing coffee is that we feel exhausted, sometimes we express this as “enjoyment”, which may or may not still carry a hidden need.

To say that our mornings are good when we start it with a cup of coffee, we have made it normal that to wake up exhausted is our every day, exhaustion becomes glamorized to be something we can get used to, and our tolerance of this situation we then label as “good”, which is also reducing the quality of what true good is.

When our every day accumulates into months and years, we are saying that our life being governed by exhaustion is normal. Not only are we saying this for ourselves, we are telling the whole world that it is okay to accept exhaustion as a part of our lives. We are also telling our children they will be expecting the same. What we are creating with this casual comment is that the big and exhausted mass the world now is, will continue to be our world only with intensification, so how could any morning that starts with coffee be in-truth, any way, shape or form be called good?

Every word and every way to express carries with it a responsibility, which we could take or ignore, and whether we choose to express honestly or not in our communication, will determine what will come back to greet us and what kind of world we are leaving behind.




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