Expressing Back To The Life We Know–A Re-Discovery

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.17.27 am.png

There is a picture that I know without a doubt in my heart.

A picture of people in brotherhood living and working together according to the rhythm of nature and cycles.

And with this picture in my heart, I have spent many years looking for this in life. Everywhere that I have been to I have been shown glimpses of this beauty. But it was not the full truth that I know. I have travelled around the world to look for communities and groups, going into natural environments and very pristine environments thousands of metres above sea levels in hopes to find what I know is true, but do not see in our every day life.

Every time I thought I have found it—I ended up disappointed.

The more disappointed I am, the more removed I became with the world, seeking to live in this picture I have and withdrawing from the world. Every opportunity that I had, I would escape from commiting to my present life, and choose to go to exotic lands in hopes that I would find momentary solace. I judged and held the world in ransom for not being in the expectation that I have, I could not accept that this picture that I know is not what the world is now.

The reaction keeps me from seeing clearer, and furthermore, from taking responsibility.

Being in reaction towards the world is an arrogance. Why does the world have to be in the way that I think it should? Have I ever tried to understand why the world is the way it is now? Have I gone deeper to discover that the world is the way it is presently, because I too have a part in creating it so? How arrogant it is to expect the perfect picture to fall onto my laps without ever taking the steps to live it?

When we know how far from the truth our world is today, we have every responsibility to express in every opportunity we have what we know is true—and when we escape and hide, react or attack, all we are doing is contributing to the delay of what we know is true. We are the contributers and culprits of how the world is today, but we are also the ones who can now bring change.

True change simply cannot come from hiding in secret societies, deep in the lush forests or high on the mountain tops, true change happens right where we are now, in every industry we are in, with every person we encounter, in every small and big job we do, in every way we care for ourselves etc., when we commit to our every day life and express from the truth we know.

Where we do not see truth as naturally majestic as the gorgeous reflections of nature in life, we have a responsibility to expressing it so, in honesty, in consistency, in simplicity and in love. When we do so, there is no need to hold onto any more pictures, as with each step of the way in life, we are re-discovering ourselves and life.

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