Selfie As A Way To Self-Love



I began taking selfies 5 years ago with my first smart phone and it has been a consistent discipline of mine.

Taking selfies as a discipline? Seriously?

Absolutely, in equal seriousness and playfulness!

Taking selfies for me is never about physical perfection. I do not plan the face angles or do a hundred takes to select one. I do not do it to self-promote or to gain followers. Neither is it about photography perfection.  I use a iPhone 5s and without retouching tools.

When we turn the phone camera towards ourselves, what we are seeing on the screen is the reflection of our light back to us. The quality and depth of ourselves is reflected back to us to receive.

Taking a selfie is like looking in the mirror deep within our own eyes, it is a gift of love that we are giving back to ourselves, for there is no greater gift than our light.

And therefore, taking a selfie is the best confirmation of where we are at. Wherever we are at is not the point, but being honest that no matter the imperfection and vulnerability, there is a willingness to accept and surrender, is a reflection very precious.

When we do not like what we feel and see, we can ask why and explore the choices made and bring this responsibility back to ourselves. A selfie is never about the phone or the weather, it is always about our quality.

A selfie with responsibility is one which the quality is ensured before the shutter is pressed, so the reflection given to ourselves and to the world, is one that is of nothing but love.

Taking selfies is a part of the self-connection, appreciation and confirmation program practiced in conjunction with the self-caring and self-nurturing programs I have in life.

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