Connection and Crowdfunding


The crowdfunding for the Simply Love Project City Connections video was opened on February 14, 2016 and ended on March 13. It did not reach the intended target of crowdfunding for the production cost of the video.

This has deepened my understanding on connection.

Connection cannot be bought with money, nor can it be worn as a badge of honor or hold onto as recognition. Connection cannot be turned on when we need it to, like a delicate relationship, it has to be deeply and consistently nurtured to be expressed. The truth is connection is asking us to be more honest, in feeling how true the way we have lived has been until now, and we may require a lot of spaciousness to come to our own understanding on this.

So connection and crowdfunding? Are we talking chalk and cheese?

What this is urging me to go deeper is how much do we truly appreciate the simplicity of connection. Or do we prefer the familiarity in struggle? Connection is very simple, it should not feel like hard work, and yet to many of us, this is not the case. Could it be that the picture we have held onto what connection is, is one which we are not prepared to let go yet and truly live connection?

These pictures could be:
We cannot talk to strangers
We do not smile at strangers
We cannot meet another’s eyes
Connection does not happen in a first meeting
Connection is embarrassing, it is uncool
We do not have time for connection, as it does not make us any money
We are too busy for connection
We can only connect with what feels familiar and safe
We have to smile at everyone
We have to hug everyone for 5 minutes
We have to call each other affectionate names
Everyone will connect
No one will connect

The fact is connection is currently not our normal and accepted way of communication in the world, and my question is: rather than whether this is good or bad, how is that truly serving us?

To put it more simply, knowing that we all have a right to choose and that we all do, are we experiencing joy, vitality, well-being, fulfilment and true success in life by not connecting? How are our relationships? Our eating and drinking patterns? How is our every day life?

Most importantly, do we feel our choices are true to us?

Connection cannot be bound by any pictures—whether this crowdfunding is successful or not, how many people respond to this project or even what connection looks like.

What is the Simply Love Project?

The Simply Love Project came to its conception in 2012 during a time when I had lost all hope in what love meant to me. It was not the end, but the beginning of remembering what love truly is. I came to meet Universal Medicine that year, and began to understand that love has to begin from myself, and without living it, love is just a word without substance. So I began devotedly living this thing which we all want and we all crave to give and to receive, and in the process have unmasked much which I thought was love but truly was not, and a part of this process is now shared through The Simply Love Project. I have come to understand that there is never a destination in love, and it is all a process, and ultimately this project is never about the outcome, but every step of the way of every process that meets us.

“City Connections” is a short video we did with a group of Hong Kong residents to open the conversation on what is connection to us, to Hong Kong and to those we meet. What I have encountered in the making of this video is connection and intimacy is not only natural in us, we can be natural in expressing it too, it may not be the norm in our culture or even in our city presently, but it is possible.

Being the founder and the director of The Simply Love Project, I am also living, learning and deepening with love every step of the way. I have come to realise that love cannot be held back, and what is love simply wishes to be expressed. and I am willing to go there and express, no matter how unfamiliar it feels, to where love takes, for this project is not about me, but about love.


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