My Relationship With Natalie Benhayon


Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 5.22.18 am.pngAs a woman every single time I realize that not holding myself in my worth is ingrained in me and every time I choose to stop and change the course of this familiar movement there is a deepening of relationship with myself and with Natalie Benhayon, the founder of The Cycles App and the inspiration behind Esoteric Women’s Health.

This relationship has been developing and confirming amazing changes, changes that were not even within my radar to make a few years ago.

Living Esoteric Women’s Health in daily life has not only supported me personally in deepening the connection and care for myself,  this reflection of returning to what being a true woman means, is also being felt and seen by women in my city and around the world.

This relationship is literally re-defining what being a woman is, back to what every woman has always known but felt held back in living.

As a woman holding my absolute worth is the gold in life. This choice has allowed me to expand and experience more vitality, look younger, deepen my relationships, experience joy as a constant and more. Every woman who is inspired accepts the invitation to feel and deepen the same with herself.

The relationship I have with Natalie Benhayon is hence a relationship with all women in the world.

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