City Connections In Very Aberdeen

City Connections appeared in the event Very Aberdeen organised by Very Hong Kong on May 16. The event took place along the very scenic Aberdeen Promenade with traditional Chinese traditional sampans in the water and majestic kites flying above on a glorious sunny day.

We approached our booth and saw lime green table cloths joyously greeting us (lime green being the official color of Very HK).  What could be a better banner than to put a City Connections sign not on our booth, but on ourselves–for we are the connection!

So Marc and I cut out some table cloth and began designing items we could wear (being a fashion stylist that was simply innate).  I decided upon a tube top with “City Connections” written on it, and Marc helped tie the amazing “Connection” knots at the back for me.

Marc then proceeded to design his superhero cape to wear and began imprinting his hands onto the table cloth, and as he was doing so, children began coming forth to want to do the same.  That kickstarted into our whole event, adults and children stopped by to draw their hands (and one foot), wrote heart-felt messages and we connected deeper with a photograph in the end,  bringing together communication, expression, connection, art, photography and even fashion–simply so, connection is just us being us! And everyone else gets to share this.

We would like to extend our deep appreciation to Very Hong Kong for an amazing event to bring people and community closer together.



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