Who I Am


Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.48.05 am.pngWe all know truth, but most of us do not express truth often enough.

Expressing truth is amazing, as it builds back a support that sustains us in life. But expressing truth is not something most of us feel familiar with, and expressing the truth of who we are feels even more difficult.

There are many truths I know myself to be, that I am gorgeous, loving, playful, kind, cheeky, wise, deeply caring, inspiring and so on, but how often do I feel absolutely comfortable to speak of and show myself as all of the above and more?

Truth shines its fullness when it is lived. So living truth opens up truth to be expressed, and yet the familiarity of expressing is a deeper livingness to be explored.

In the past every time I had to write a profile about myself, I was completely dumbfounded in how to express the amazing me. It felt so foreign to claim the truth of who I am. Being who I am–is that not as simple and natural as breathing? So it was not a question that I did not know myself, but it was the expression of it that was asking to be lived.

So with baby steps I started writing about all the amazingness of me. It was difficult in the beginning as it felt so unfamiliar, but it got easier with more practice. In fact, expressing truth is very simple as we never need to make anything up or dress it with fancy words, truth simply moves us in expression.

When I commit to expressing what feels natural it also opened up others with the response that they know truth for themselves.

When we claim the truth of ourselves, we stop what is not true to enter, and the more of us who do this, the less time it takes for truth to become our natural once again.

Universal Medicine Exposed is a website that is leading the way back to simply what is true. Many men and women claim back the truth of who they are and what is natural for us in life.

This is my testimonial and the claiming back the truth of who I am is a process of deep joy.


Photo: Agnes Siu

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