Being Me


Tension and stress used to be my every day.  I do not mean just tension from work or from life, but from a very young age I have been constantly feeling tension all the time. While growing up, this tension presented itself in many unwise choices in the hopes to numb what was being felt. But never did this tension go away.

I was deeply observant of life but most of what was observed was kept to myself.  Without expressing the truth of what was felt, I was building tension in my body.

Today I understand what this tension I have felt most of my life is about.  All throughout life, my body was in constant loving attempt to communicate to me that it is another layer of stress I am taking on when I am not being and expressing me.  But who is the true me? That is a great question which I eventually began having a glimpse of when feeling the love within myself.  And this would not have happened if it were not because of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, who presented on self-love, self-care and self-responsibility.

Today I am no longer controlled by tension, and I can clearly say: I am not my roles, I am not my achievements, I am not my job, I am not how I look.  I am much more than that but at the same time very simply, I am really just a woman.  Just a woman? But that can’t be enough!  But it is.  The truth is when I began feeling the love that I am, everything is enough, just being me is truly enough.  And everything that I do from being enough, is true.








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