The Heart Is Always Open


In life we often encounter events which attempt to close our hearts and shut out the world. We are hurt by them, as we righteously justify. Sometimes it may be personally to one person or sometimes it may be collectively to the whole world. We may shut out a particular group, belief and/or representation of something.

But the heart is always open.

No matter how life presents to us, the heart is always open. It is open to feel the depth of devastation that the world is in in not letting love in and out. It is natural to feel the depth of the same devastation even if we do not feel harmony with one person. It can feel in responsibility to then remain in our openness to feel everything.

When our heart opens, we are simply being ourselves.

When I feel and see devastation in the world, I commit to taking self-love selfies and having my own love reflected back. I commit to expressing and communicating in writing and in verbal expression to have truth support me back. I commit to working with others in such a way that it is an opportunity to lift everyone up. I commit to listening to my body no matter how much it does not make sense to my mind. I commit to what the heart naturally does, to be love.

When the heart is always open, we are supported by our own deepening love in life.

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