There Is No Missing Out When We Live



I really enjoy the presentations of Universal Medicine (who is based in Australia) and I have enjoyed every single presentation since the first time I joined their retreat in 2012. In these few years I have enjoyed their presentations through webcasts in my own home, even though I am miles away in Hong Kong. I feel deeply supported by their support.

Every time a webcast is offered, I would love to watch it live with many of my friends present at the website, these are people I have gotten to know personally throughout these few years, some I have met physically, others through their online presence or through skype connections. They all feel like family to me, and it is refreshing that in our connections, I am not the only side that feels or expresses that.

Recently I have been asked to let go even more of the picture of what family and support looks like.

I have found that with more commitment to work and to life, I have had fewer and fewer opportunities to watch these amazing Universal Medicine events on webcasts live. And sometimes it may not be possible to watch them quite a while later. In the past, I would be disturbed by this picture that I have missed out.

But now this picture no longer controls me.

I have realized the truth that Serge Benhayon has presented over and over again, that what is being offered to us in energy, is offered to everyone. To me that means, if we choose to accept this energy, we have said yes to this movement of the Universe to evolve, and this is our personal responsibility and choice. The confirmation to all of this is, when I am open to feeling and being aware of everything, the expressions that come through me during the day of the webcasts very often is confirmed by what has been presented in these amazing presentations by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and its students.

Connection and support is always there, and it cannot be refuted when we choose to live it wherever we are and with everyone we meet. And that could be our every day.

Photo: Blair Yiu


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