Project – City Connections

City Connections Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowd funding has been officially launched to fund the first video in the City Connections project. Be part of this project simply by making a connection with someone in your life and telling them what you love about them. By doing this you will naturally be sharing the essence of what this project is all about.

Is there someone who you have been meaning to call for a while? Or do you deeply care for the people in your life but forget to tell them? Often we feel a sense of appreciation for people but fall short of actually verbalising it. And when we do it can come out a bit 2D – E.g did we tell them the detail of what we love about them or did we brush over it? For instance just saying ‘you look good today’ is one thing but noticing the colour of a person’s eyes and the care in the way they have chosen to do their hair, and actually making a point of saying this to them makes the expression (and therefore the connection) all the richer.

What about when you clock the genuine tenderness of a man in your life and the way in which he goes about his day and the care he brings to people? Do you mention it, or do you quietly keep it to your self?

Share a connection with 5 friends and ask them to do the same and let’s see if we can make #CityConnectionsFilm go viral. Share about your connections on social media with the hashtag #CityConnectionsFilm and/or #SimplyLoveProject and let’s start a stream of loving interactivity from around Hong Kong and the world.

The City Connections Project is more than a video that we want to put online – it is a movement that can develop greater intimacy between people in our cities and communities. This is media that sparks real moments of change in our lives and our relationships. Share it, back it and see it come alive or simply make a connection with someone in your life – by doing so you will be a part of this project anyway.

Watch the trailer above: City Connections

Feel free to tell us about a ‘City Connection experience’ you have initiated in the comments (click the little plus sign), or send us a selfie with you and/or your friends and we will post it to the Simply Love Project Instagram page. Send your images to

If you would like to back #CityConnectionsFilm and see the full 4 min video visit our City Connections Crowd Funding Page at FringeBacker here.


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